19 August 2015

Zee Muller

Zee has been employed by Ginkgo Agency for over four years. She joined the agency as a junior editor after graduating top of her class at City Varsity. Her diligent and committed work ethic was apparent from the outset. But unlike other graduates eager to perform in order to be noticed, Zee added an invaluable element – her vivid and natural sense of story.

Her first assignments were video sales tools for clients. These products showed up, ahead of deadline, with the added emotive lilt and rhythm of storytelling. Her ability to create compelling content was instantly recognised and nurtured.

Zee rapidly progressed to longer edits requiring deeper narrative. She has cut a diverse range of films – from conservation and wildlife pieces to a suite of engaging short films made to promote the cultural heritage of a country, Azerbaijan.

Her ability to seamlessly switch between commercial edits, brand narratives and documentary films has found her contributing to every content facet of the business. Her current appointment is the senior lead editor of 21 Icons Season III.

Zee has been an integral contributor to the 21 Icons project since its inception. In Season I she cut the ever-popular behind-the-scenes series and compelling promotional material.  In Season II Zee seamlessly moved into cutting the 3-minute icon profile films.

With the emphasis on the promise of South Africa’s talented and committed youth, Zee is the perfect fit for the Season III ethos. As the lead editor of Season III her work represents the vibrant narratives that describe the bold statement reflected in all 21 portraits.