As a project that represents and showcases some of South Africa’s most influential and recognisable living men and women, 21 Icons is required to uphold the highest levels of trust, integrity and ethics. As a business, it must also operate with the highest levels of corporate governance and transparency for all the stakeholders, including the shareholders, the Icons, the charities, the partners and the sponsors.

Deloitte is proud to associate its brand and values with 21 Icons, besides providing direct support to commercialise the business, authenticate Icons and provide tax and legal advice.

We unequivocally stand behind this initiative, which will further shape our world through encouraging us all to follow the great examples of our living legends.

“Deloitte is excited to play such an important role in this initiative, as it is bound to have a massive, positive impact on our communities and our nation as a whole”.

Carmeni Naidoo, Partner, Deloitte Southern Africa