21 ICONS is a visual celebration of remarkable individuals who have shaped the world around them for the better. Inspired by Nelson Mandela, it tells the stories of people who have continued his legacy – whose lives have made the world a better place. The project seeks to recognise those who have achieved success and widespread recognition, as well as people whose work has been conducted without prior acclaim.

By making these personal stories accessible, the goal is to show the way forward for a new generation of socially conscious and active citizens. In sharing these stories over the course of three seasons, the project demonstrates the extraordinary change that can be brought about through the power of collective effort, and reveals a fundamental truth: together we are better.

As the world searches for leadership, 21 ICONS shows that we don’t need to look far for inspiration. Our icons are among us. To date the project has achieved total reach of over 750 million, achieving positive impact by sharing inspirational stories. It is an important, timely reminder of the power of collective effort, and proof that as the world changes, integrity and commitment still hold value.