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"I wanted to commit myself to something that would satisfy me, while contributing to the country. And that's when I decided I want to start preserving and protecting our culture."
In the Beginning
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Pops Mohamed
"You can take anything away from me except music and coffee." Pops Mohamed's art consumes him. His musical style formed in the political turbulence of South Africa in the 1970s. Mohamed, driven by the need to create something more meaningful than commercial guitar music, began to experiment.
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Pops Mohamed
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In Conversation
Acclaimed musician and producer Pops Mohamed discusses culture and tradition with filmmaker and photographer Adrian Steirn, explaining how he came to protect indigenous music as his contribution to the struggle against Apartheid, and why he believes we cannot have a future if we don't appreciate our past.
A Portrait
A series of behind the scenes images reflecting the 21 icons team at work.
The portrait features Mohamed crouched against a sand dune, in the traditional pose of a South African tracker. In his hands, he holds a traditional musical instrument; a symbol of the musical tradition which he has fought to protect and preserve throughout his long and diverse career.